Library living


Hi everyone,

It is crazy test week for me again.  I have two midterms in the next 48 hours for two of my toughest courses so the library has recently become my second home for the week.

I am just stopping in for a quick study-procrastination post, because after a fun weekend filled with everything but studying I really need to lock myself inside my textbooks.

1395986_2427567685679_61962667_n 1378497_2427590406247_361689216_n 1379484_10202309812490465_226232719_nI told myself this past weekend was going to be a study weekend,  but this did not work out as well I had planned.  Every single day was a fun one, and I will be paying for it in the library these next few days.

I started this morning out right by getting up a little earlier for class to go for a quick run so that I could be focused and ready to study all day.

I was excited that I had gotten myself out of bed (This is hard to do here because it is always so dark in the open air dorm) until I rolled my ankle and fell to the ground 15 minutes into my run.

I always feel so embarrassed when I trip and fall to the ground during a run, because it usually happens on a busy street where multiple witnesses get to see it unfold/laugh at me.

Considering how clumsy I have been lately, I can’t help but think about how I have gotten away with wearing heels once in a while and have yet to face plant into the ground.


My mantra I will be repeating to myself in the library this week as I shoot for As on these next 2 exams:



Oh how I love Sammy Adams :) :

Happy Tuesday!

The 3′s RUN

… I’m back!

I’m stopping in quickly to share with you all a run I did the other day at the gym.  I feel as though I have been lacking on the exercise section of my life right now. I’ve been going to the gym and running lots, but I miss planning my workouts. I always used to get excited and look up fun treadmill runs/ various workout circuits on Pinterest/ other blogs. Lately it’s been a “whatever goes” kind of thing at the gym or a route-less run that leaves me running aimlessly thru campus.

Don’t get me wrong, I really do love just doing whatever I’m feeling sometimes, but the part of me that is OCD gets really motivated when plans are made. (Plus I do think it is more efficient to plan out your day when you are a college student.  More time for the library, right Mom?)

I found this “3′s run” from a blogger friend that I follow and am in love with it.

0-3mins. – 6.0

3-6mins. – 7.0

6-9mins. – 7.5

9-12mins. – 6.0

12-15mins. – 7.0

15-18mins. – 7.5

18-21mins. – 6.5

21-24mins. – 7.5

24-27mins. – 8.0

27-30mins. - 6.0

I know this may not seem very fast paced but this run was a killer for me.  I had not been running at any set speed for quite a while now, and I could feel it.  Even though it was tough,  I felt really accomplished after I stuck with it until the end.  Try it out!


As far as school goes, I have still been studying hard and having lots of fun.  Junior year is definitely a rough one as far as course work, but it’s all about a balance right?

Tonight I went to dinner with two of my friends, Lauren and Nina (who I worked with this Summer).


Two of my favorite people + one of our favorite restaurants on campus= The perfect girl date night.




I’m embarrassed to say that I have become a Miley fan.  Or at least a fan of her music…

Have a great night all!



Hi all!

Yesterday I woke up and knew it was going to be a good day.  I couldn’t help but smile when I woke up because the air truly smelled like Fall.

Fall running is on my top 10 ‘favorites’ list so when my friends Denise and Lindsey told me that they wanted to come with me for a  morning run it was excitement overload over here.  It obviously called for a picture.


It was also a great day because my laptop cover arrived.


After admiring my computer for an hour or so, Brooke and I decided we needed Za’s (the yummiest restaurant on campus) and some retail therapy at the Urban Outfitters sale.524072_10151668120566947_69695729_n

I found my first pair of cat-eye sunglasses and I am in total awe over them.


These glasses are so cute, sassy, and in style that I really do believe every girl should own at least one pair.  *The best part about these sunglasses is that you don’t have to spend a fortune to find a good pair.  I found mine for just $12 and they are perfect.*


Between our lunch outing and Urban shopping, I was the biggest procrastinator yesterday.

I have lots of work due this week so some friends and I decided to make Saturday a “study night” (I know, we’re pretty cool). We ended up watching 5- hour long episodes of “Drop Dead Divas” at my friends apartment and now we are all addicted. This show is already on the fourth season so we have to put in the hours to play catch up.

Between daily procrastinations this weekend, I have been working on my 5 page history midterm (for a gen-ed class) that is due on Tuesday.

I love writing but when you throw history into the mix, it makes it a lot harder for me to organize my ideas into coherent writing.  I have just about 2 1/2 pages so today I need to be on my A-game.




A friend and I were having a study session the other night and playing throwback music in the background.  I LOVE this one as a pump up running song.

Have a great Sunday everyone :)

The Odyssey Update

Hi everyone,

I honestly can’t even believe how fast this year is moving and that I have already finished my fourth week of junior year here on campus.

Some of my friends and I have mini midlife crisises every few days just thinking about being the oldest people on campus next year.  It’s weird to say but I think being surrounded by older students is kind of intimidating in a good way (If that makes sense?) and we will miss that feeling.

A few of us were curling our hair together the other night and instantly had a break down thinking of how old we are. I remember blogging last year about having anxiety over turning 20, but 21 in just two months?!

I realize that Dad’s weekend is a few weeks earlier than it was last year, but I am in shock that it is here in just one week.  I love Dad but his arrival next weekend seems too soon.


(^Dad and I at a tailgate last year before heading to the game.  We got really lucky and had the best weather on game day.)

Tara is away at school and pledged a sorority (ALPHA PHI!) last week so she is busy and will be missing out on next weekend.


Thankfully the rest of the fam (the ones still living at home) will all be here with their orange and blue on…plus some sweaters and boots that I neglected to think of while packing in August.


^ Last year’s game.  I figure that it is tradition to go to at least one a year even if we’re bound to lose.


GOOD NEWS:  The Odyssey (the newest publication on campus that I am writing for) is now online!  Be sure to click on this link to read this week’s issue:




Happy weekend everyone!

Sleep talker over here

Hi everyone!

I feel like my life lately has been equivalent to a hamster running on a wheel, if you can picture that.

My sorority just completed 2 weeks of formal recruitment and this past Monday we welcomed home our newest pledge class of girls. (We had a casual country concert for our new babies when they arrived at the house.)


For those of you who are not familiar with formal recruitment, it is two weekends of events being hosted at each sorority house for the girls (potential new members) to attend.

During these two weekends the PNMS are very excited to find which house is best fit to be their home away from home, so it is crucial for each event to run smoothly around the house. We wanted to make sure we portrayed to them just how much we love our house, so the weeks leading up to the events were busy and the nights after the events were long.  Our babies are all adorable so the hard work and minimal sleep paid off.



^One of our new babies (my arrow sis of all people) told me she had never been to insomnia cookies before so it called for an automatic trip.  She is now obsessed and can thank me later for showing her a little bit of heaven on this campus. :)


With recruitment coming to an end, I have now been focusing on my school work and real life. I have been been able to make time for runs around  campus and now that the temperature is dropping a little bit it has felt amazing to be running outside.

This weekend I have been working hard trying catch up on sleep and reading that I have fallen behind on. Although, it kills me to be inside reading because this weekend is the perfect preview of a Fall weekend.

It was 60 degrees and sunny here today and it made me want nothing more than to carve pumpkins and cuddle up in a cozy sweater while sipping a pumpkin spice latte all day. It shouldn’t even be allowed to assign homework and reading on a weekend with weather this nice.


This morning the campus came alive with the arrival of this Fall weather because the Illini team had its big game in downtown Chicago.

After a few hours of reading and catching up on school work I took a much needed study break and met up with some friends who I haven’t seen since last year to watch a football game on TV.


I was one of the boys this afternoon.  (Can’t you tell that these boys are professional models?)

*Don’t ask me who was playing today because I really just went to catch up with my long lost friends.  If it’s not the Bears playing or the superbowl, I’m a fair weather fan all the way.*


Today, and the past few weeks of living in the sorority house, has made me realize how lucky I am to have made such good friends last year who I am still in contact with now.  I have been able to go out to lunch, study with, go shopping with, and spend nights with with lots of friends I met last year thru the dorm and thru clubs.  As simple as it may sound, it is NICE to have friends like these.

Although it is fun to be living with so many girls, I do think it’s important to have an outlet at least once a day to do things outside of where you are living.  College can be busy but to stay sane I always try to make sure to leave an hour open each day to do something that makes me happy. (Workout, paint my nails, go to lunch with a friend I haven’t seen in a while, look thru old pictures, window shop at the mall, go for a walk, or just listen to music while napping.)


As the title gives out, I AM AN OFFICIAL SLEEP TALKER.  I have always claimed I don’t do this, but  after sleeping in the open air dorms with many other girls, it has been confirmed.

Apparently on Tuesday (it was super hot Tuesday so everyone except me was still trying to fall asleep) I screamed, “Guys! Guys! Guys!” twice and fell back to sleep like nothing had happened.  I didn’t even realize I did this until lunch the next day when the girls were all telling me how freaked out they were as I unconsciously tried to get their attention in the dorms.

I thought this whole sleep talking deal was just a one time thing for me until this morning when I was getting ready to go for a run this morning.

The girl who sleeps in the bed next to me was doing her makeup as I was washing my hands and she told me, “I’ve never heard someone sleep talk so clearly before.”  I thought she was still referring to Tuesday night’s episode until she told me what I said last night.  She said what she heard was out of context but that I was talking about someone being “clear and catholic.”  At least Mom would be proud of me for thinking about religion in my sleep?

*I’m kind of scared to fall asleep tonight.*



Happy weekend everyone!

Home sweet home

Hi All!

It’s been a happy first week back at school so far.  I’ve been busy but since family members have been eagerly upping the views on this blog and wondering what has become of me, I have decided to sit down and do some writing.

I arrived back on campus last Sunday and moved into my sorority house with nerves in my stomach in anticipation of living with 60 other girls.

I will admit: I was spoiled rotten last year.  I lived by myself (my own bedroom/ bathroom)  and although I love all my sisters; The thought of giving that up to sleep on a top bunk bed and a live in a room shared with two other girls was terrifying.

Mom and Dad both helped move me in that Sunday,  and while doing so we realized that the three of us are becoming quite the move in team. We finished moving everything in with an hour with our method:  Dad lifts the heavy suitcase upstairs, Mom unloads, I fold and hang.  Hire us?

As blazing hot as it was while lugging things around for move in, the worst part is over and my roomies and I are loving our new room. It’s cozy, cute, and perfect.

*(The air conditioning is currently not working in our room, so when we are in our room we try to keep the lights off and not make any sudden movements.  This way we avoid breaking a sweat when in our room-that is what the gym is for :).)*


Sunday night we went out for a roomie dinner and a Target trip before getting our much needed sleep in preparation of the week that was ahead of us, Sorority work week.

Even though we made the effort to get some sleep, I actually only slept 2 hours this night.  It was my first night in my top bunk bed and visions of my bed collapsing on my roomie wouldn’t stop playing in my head.


Work week is basically a week full of decorating, chanting, dancing, singing, working, screaming (until your veins are popping out of your forehead and it starts to feel like an ab workout because you’re using every muscle in your body to become louder), and then some more screaming to prepare for Formal Sorority Recruitment (Which starts this Friday).

Each house wants to impress and recruit a new group of excited girls so as daunting as it sounds to work from 9AM- midnight daily, it happens.

The hours we put in working on making our house shine bright will ALL be worth it come bid day (in less than 2 weeks) when we recruit an amazing new group of girls.


As nervous as I was to begin work week, we really did make the most of the entire time and became even closer as a sorority than we thought possible.  I’ve learned from this past week that it truly is the moments when you are exhausted, sweaty, helpless and voiceless when you make some of the best memories.


Even though we did tons and tons of work, we did make time to do fun things as well.

-We had a movie nights.  The other night we all watched Mr. and Mrs. Smith while eating Insomnia cookies.  *I should say that a lot of the girls watched Mr. and Mrs. Smith… I fell asleep on the couch as per usual.*

- Played bags and laid out on the front lawn.


-A lot of us love to run so we would  set our alarms super early each day to go for a quick run together to start the work day off right.


(Unfortunately, the squirrels are still here and on a mission to attack me one day this year on campus.)

A bunch of us have still been going on runs together throughout this week and I have been loving it.  My favorite part is coming back home to shower and then get ready in the big bathroom together with the radio blasting in the background.

I mean, how many other chances do you get  to live in a house with 60 of your friends and do simple things like this?


I really like all my classes so far and none of them seem too crazy just yet.

*I am in two history classes to fulfill a graduation requirement (not my forte) and they are both actually very amusing.  One of them is American Indian studies-taught by a British man.  I like it because he came to America just this past Summer and has a very strong accent.. so much so that I feel like I am studying at Hogwarts. The other requirement class is just your basic history class taught by a very theatrical man.  We will see how this goes, but at least it is entertaining as of right now.

I am also excited because I (unknowingly until today) am in a class with my good friend Lauren.  As fun as it is to have class with her: Me+ Her= NOT PRODUCTIVE.




Happy Wednesday!